Podgorica Office

Address: Moskovska 111, I-34, 81000 Podgorica, Montenegro   |   Mob: (+382) 67 530 740   |   Phone: (+382) 20 228 412  |   E-mail: advokatdaniloradulovic@gmail.com

Legal consulting

The Law Office provides all kinds of legal advice for individuals and businesses.

Debt collection

We provide successful debt collection in a fast and efficient manner.

Labour law

Protection of the rights and obligations of employees and employers. Working acts (contracts, disruptions, decisions) and labour disputes.

Banking law

Representation of banks in external court proceedings and internal day-to-day activities.

Real estate

Legal assistance in buying and selling real estate. Documentation check. Preparation of contracts for sale, lease, mortgage, construction, investment, etc.

Foundation, liquidation and bankruptcy of companies

Complete legal service in company foundation, status changes, liquidation of the company, registration of employees and obtaining work and residence permits.

Criminal and misdemeanour proceedings

If you are in a position of defendant or victim, our defence attorneys will protect your rights in the best possible way.

Court cases

We provide advocacy services in all types of civil and administrative disputes (labour disputes, compensation, property rights, divorce, inheritance law).

Contract law

Preparation and control of all types of contracts and legal acts necessary for the protection of your interests.

Tender procedures

Application, preparation of tender documentation, appeals, disputes.

Our mission

With over 10 years of experience in legal matters, our Law Office guarantees you a professional and efficient legal service.

When choosing a legal representative, the crucial elements to consider are dedication, trust and knowledge – all of which the Law Office that I represent is recognised for.

The best recommendation for our work is a satisfied client.


One step closer to justice

Law, justice and equity as postulates on which we base our work.

- One who enjoys his own right injures no one. (Qui iure suo utitur neminem laedit).
Sec. Paulus - D. 50, 17, 155, 1


- The basic principles of law are: to live honorably, not to harm any other person, to render each his own. (Juris praecepta sunt haec: honeste vivere, alterum non laedere, suum cuique tribuere).
Inst. 1,1,3-4


- The law is the art of goodness and equity. (Lus est ars boni et equi).


Each client comes first.


Individuals and businesses that our office has represented so far.


Successfully completed legal proceedings.


Successfully collected debts.

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